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Annual Alumni Meet - 2023

Scheduled on Saturday, 8th April, 2023


Dear Alumnus,

          We have pleasure to invite you for the WCE Annual Alumni Meet 2023 scheduled on Saturday, 8th April, 2023 to be held on the College Campus. The Meet provides us an opportunity to share with you in person recent activities and achievements of your alma mater and receive your valuable suggestions to make it better in our quest to become a world class institute. But more importantly, the meet gives us an opportunity to learn about your progress and achievements and be proud of.

          This Meet is special in a different perspective because our tradition of holding this meet on Second Saturday of January every year ever since its beginning in 2012 had got disrupted because of COVID-19 Pandemic for the last two years and taking place with the same zeal and enthusiasm once again this time. Even though with ubiquitous connectivity, the whole world has turned into a single village, few exceptions have still remained where the actual happening of the event though supplemented, cannot be substituted by its virtual counterpart and visiting to his alma mater by the alumnus is one major amongst them. Such a visit is nothing but a pilgrimage to alumnus all the time and especially to a more extent when it happens to be in the group of batch mates like in such meets. Despite some major impediments like that of COVID-19 Pandemic, we have to move on in life and from that perspective, enthusiastic participation in large numbers is necessary more particularly this time in order to create a confidence amongst its all stakeholders especially those on Campus i. e. Faculty, Staff and Students on Roll that the gloomy stage owing to Pandemic is a past now and we have to move ahead to take on the Global Challenges.

          We take special pride in inviting you all, along with your family for the meet, on behalf of students, staff, faculty and management of WCE. Also, please forward this letter to other WCE alumni in your network to come, reconnect and create a great nostalgic experience. We have specifically invited all the retired Faculty members for this meet so as to take you back to your days of Campus Life.

- Team Walchand


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